Treat yourself, a friend or family member to some pampering! Our facial treatments will leave you and your skin feeling rejuvenated 

Eyebrow Plucking
Beauty by Carmel offers a range of facial treatments including our most popular relaxing facial, a deep cleanse and eye fatigue treatments. 
Why not treat yourself and a friend or family member to some of our relaxing facial treatments. Call us today to book your next facial!  



Perfector Non Surgical Facelift

Face Lifting - this 1 1/4 hour anti ageing treatment uses 6 programs to effectively "lift" the contours of the face, neck and jaw line, reduce lines and wrinkles and generally improve the texture, tone and colour of the skin.  A course of 10 or 12 treatments is recommended for best results.  



Eyebrows Makeup

Perfector Mini Lift Plus

This 1.5 hour treatment produces a good lifting effect but the results are only temporary and last between 4 to 5 days. This treatment is therefore perfect for those wanting a "one-off" for a special occasion, to give yourself that extra confidence.  



Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress

Perfector Anti Ageing Skin Enhancement

An intensive 1.5 hour facial designed to keep your skin in superb condition. Recommended for young skin as a preventative anti-aging treatment, which helps refine the pores, detoxify and nourish the skin. The result is smoother, firmer and brighter complexion. A course of 4 treatments is recommended. 





Eye Youth 


An anti-ageing and anti-fatigue treatment, our eye youth treatments help to reduce puffiness and nourishes the skin, preventing dullness. We recommend a course of 6 treatments. You can also add this treatment onto another of our facial treatments for just £20. Contact us today to book your next appointment! 




Relaxing  Facial

Enjoy our most popular facial treatment. A massage facial will suit almost any skin type, relieving stress and tension and relaxing facial contours. The texture and colour of the skin will be improved and encourage a healthy glow due to stimulation of the blood circulation and the naturals oils in the skin. 



Relaxing Facial

Deep Cleanse Facial

As the name suggests, this is a deep clean for your skin. This cleanse helps rid the skin of oils, toxins, dirt and bacteria, all of which can lead to premature aging. To book our deep cleanse facial, for you or a loved one, contact us today. 





I'm so in love with my brows and lashes! Thank u so much Carmel! See you again next month! Will be recommending you and Maria to everyone. 

Jaseey, Dartford

Carmel babe, I just wanted to thank you for my Swedish massage today - all my knots have gone, you're the best! 

I'm in love! Thanks so much Carmel, I've told everyone to get booked in with you - thanks for looking after me!

Jenni, Sevenoaks

Sinead, Tunbridge Wells